Food For Meditation

A lot of people are confused about best food for meditation and many new meditators including old meditators want to know about what type of best food for meditation they should have! In this article I will tell you what type of food is good for meditation.

Good Food For Meditation

Hello everyone. I am Fakira from India and today I will describe best food for Meditation. Food is very essential part of our life and in spiritual terms it is said that what we eat, we become that. So, in India since ancient times it is very carefully taken care that a meditator should have a balanced food for meditation. If you are a beginner into meditation then you should keep few things in mind which are given below:

1. If you are a new meditator, you should start detoxing your body first. In that case you should start your meditation journey with fruits and veggies. I know initially it is little hard but let me be very honest it is very much required that you detox your body and make it clean. If your body is detoxed and clean from inside it will help you to sit silently. It will also help you to calm your thoughts in the beginning part of your meditation journey. So fruits and veggies are best food meditation beginners.

2. Try to avoid non-vegetarian food. Non vegetarian food comes from cruelty and it taking a life away from planet. When so much of vegetarian food is available on this planet then there is no need to kill animals to fill your stomach. It will help you to raise your consciousness level. So, best food for meditation is vegetarian food.

3. Try to quit food for at least one day in a week. Doing so will increase your mental stability as well as it will help you to give a rest to the internal machinery of your body. So in meditation if you want to grow, not only good food helps but also a break from food helps.

4. Very important rule you can follow is that in morning try to eat for the rest of the day and it does not mean that you have to over eat. On the other hand eat consciously and this food for meditation should not be over. In noon eat less and in night try to quit the food as in night body relax.

5. In next article I will try ti tell you what type of exact food you should try to eat which is considered to be best food for meditation. There are few frequently asked questions on food for meditation which I have answered below:


  1. Can non vegetarian person start meditation?
    Ans: Absolutely yes. There is nothing to do what you eat but when you become conscious you understand that non vegetarian food is against your own awareness and vegetarian is best food for meditation.
  2. Can Milk be a good food for meditation?
    Ans.: Yes you can drink milk yet it depends on your beliefs. In India for thousands of Yogis cow’s milk is best food for meditation.
  3. What is if I can not fast once a week?
    Ans: If you can not fast once a week, you can have fruits and fruits are considered as best food for meditation.
  4. I want to quit Non Vegetarian food for meditation!
    Ans: Anything which is coming from your own being you can do it and if it is truly coming from your heart to quit non vegetarian food, it is your best decision as food for meditation.

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Any food which can help to grow your awareness and your consciousness level on higher side, is considered best food. I will suggest you to be vegetarian to grow immensely as vegetarian food is considered as best food for meditation.

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