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An Alien lives inside all of us and that alien is always looking for some real and permanent answers. During a deep relaxation, Fakira made a connection with an Alien without any instrument and this Alien told his story to Fakira:


He tell to him that, We all are in search of permanent happiness, love, peace and joy in our lives. Sometime we are happy when we have friends, love, money etc but sometime we are also in moments of fear, anxiety ,pain and sufferings. Its like being born and dying many times in the same life again and again. 


Because of this many people are searching the real meaning of the life, real happiness or bliss, which may stay all the time and is permanent. They are trying it through jobs, love, yoga, meditations and some other difficult adventures too. 


This Alien has the same questions or dream like you have on the planet mars and through this book you will come to know how this Alien gets his answers and his happiness. This is very interesting story. Kindly, read this book only when you are fully present to this story of The Alien, else leave it or give it to someone else.

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