How Long To Meditate For Beginners

Meditation Fakira
Meditation Fakira

A lot of people ask me this question that How Long to Meditate for Beginners. This is quite very interesting question because people want to see results of meditation and it is one of the worthy question that how long to meditate for benefits? So let deep dive in to this question. You can also read on CNBC.

Hi everyone!! I am Fakira and I am meditating since 14 years now and have a vast experience of meditation at different levels. You can know more about me in About Fakira Section.

How Long to Meditate a Day?

So if you are a beginner in meditation it will be really hard for you to sit like hours in meditation. What I suggest that you should start with some basic requirements of meditation. For initial first 10 days just do Pranayam/Breathing Exercises to purify the internal system of your body. I know it is difficult to even practice breathing exercise and it may be intense as many emotions may come up during the breathing exercises.

So, in the very beginning you just start with Anulom-Vilom pranayam as its most simplest breathing exercise. For question how long to meditate a day, I would like to say that you should start with some Pranayam and after Pranayam just sit in silence with closed eyes. It will be easy to start with. If you are beginner in meditation, you can watch simple meditation videos on my YouTube Channel. Link is Here

How Long to Meditate Everyday?

I would like to say that you should start with 20 Minutes of meditation everyday as it will make you little comfortable with the internal and outer system. For example you can practice Pranayam/Breathing exercise for 10 minutes and then for 10 minutes you can just sit in silence. If you can start like that, it will help to grow your consciousness and awareness about your own being. When you become little comfortable then try to increase 10 minutes every week. So, start with 10 minutes of meditation everyday.

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  1. I can’t sit for long to meditate daily?
    Ans. Its perfectly okay if you and unable to sit long to meditate everyday. just keep practicing.
  2. How to prepare body to sit long to meditate everyday.
    Ans. Start with breathing exercises so that your body gets conditioned.
  3. How long to meditate everyday helps me?
    Ans. Start with 10 minutes each day to meditate.
  4. I have many thoughts when I sit daily to meditate.
    Its perfectly okay to have thoughts. Just be a watcher to thoughts.


Its perfectly okay to have thoughts in the beginning when you start meditation daily and its a best answer for the question on how long you should meditate everyday. If you still have any questions you can easily reach to me on WhatsApp +919466020005

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Thank you.

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