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What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a term widely used related to religion, god and beliefs. But there are many misconceptions about spirituality. Some people think that spirituality is just prayers, religion, yoga and some people think that spirituality is following some particular path. In fact spirituality is completely different what people usually think about. So in this article Fakira will teach his experience of what is spirituality. So let’s dive into this blog.

What is Spirituality then?

Spirituality is a term for personal experience and personal beliefs, which helps you to raise your human consciousness and awareness. For some people Yoga can be very useful while for other people meditation can be a great tool to raise their consciousness in spiritual terms. For some people tantra can work out while for other people bhakti movement can be very useful in spirituality. So, spirituality is not something which is stick to one term.

Spirituality is completely individual and personal experience . Spirituality is a tool to raise your energy level towards upward and spirituality has many different faces. For some people spirituality may be donation and donation does not mean that they have to donate money or material things. Donation can be anything like love, healing, joy and so much.

For some people spirituality can be social movement because it helps them to fulfil their heart. Existence has made us all different and everyone is very unique. Same way what is spirituality is very individual, private and very unique thing for everyone. There is a very big confusion in people that we all have to stick on one way or we have to follow what other people perform for spirituality. No, its not true. you just need to listen your heart and it can be anything which help you to achieve your mission on this planet. The only thing you have to observe about you is that whatever you do, it should be coming from your heart and it should not be something like half hearted thing.

Also, whatever you do it should be with consciousness. So you should be very very practical on consciousness. In next articles, we will study more on awareness, consciousness and spiritual practices. You can know more about Fakira trainings on Udemy. Also you can follow Fakira Spiritual trainings for free on Youtube:

Are You Spiritual?

Here is a very important question, Are you spiritual you know what is spirituality? No one can answer this question on behalf of you. Only you have this answer inside you. I can just give you few hints and if you can understand what I want to say about your spiritual terms then you can understand more about yourself.

First hint: If you are doing something from your heart and it is fulfilling your heart and you feel fulfilled and you don’t need anything to be happy that means you are on a right track of spirituality.

Second Hint: If your life is being inspiration for people and people also want to do something from their heart as you do that means you are doing great in your spiritual world.

Third Hint: If you are helping nature, people, animals to grow that means your awareness is growing and existence is helping you in spiritual term.

Fourth Hint: If you feel compassion unconditionally that means you are being more spiritual.

So these are few hints through you can analyse yourself to know if you are a spiritual person or not.
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