Food Meditation For Beginner

Food Meditation for Beginners
Food Meditation for Beginners

Namaste my Beloved Friends!!

Today in this article I will explain a beautiful Food Meditation for Beginners. If you just started meditation practices this food meditation will surely help you raise your awareness about many things around you. This mindful eating practice will help you increase your sensory level in many directions. If you are new here you can learn more about me in the ABOUT FAKIRA section.

Food Meditation for Beginners
Food Meditation for Beginners

Practice This Powerful Food Meditation For Beginners

In my previous articles I have described how Satvik food helps you to raise your consciousness, especially when you are a meditation beginner. If you want to read those articles you can read FOOD FOR MEDITATION. Read here about SATVIK FOOD.

So let’s jump into Food Meditation for beginners:

  1. For food meditation first off look at your food with love and awareness. Look with awareness at the ingredients in your food. During food meditation, it is very important to look at your food with love and positive feelings. Most of the times we don’t look at our food with awareness and we just eat mindlessly to fill up our stomach. For a beginner or for any meditator, it is very important to observe their food with awareness because food is offering us strength, energy and prana.
  2. Now you have looked at your food with great love and have observed it. Next step is to close your eyes and bow down a little towards your food. You can just say thanks to existence, any GOD or spiritual entity you believe in. You can feel your food with your closed eyes. I know at the beginning this meditation will feel a little strange for some of you. So please be humble and trust this process of food meditation.
  3. The third step is very important in meditation of food and it applies to all the types of foods whether it is hard food or it is liquid. In this process you have to feel the food in your mouth. For example if you are having Pizza/Chapati/Fruit/Juice or anything else feel the taste of the food. You need to feel the food’s spices, taste, warmth, coldness or any other type of sensation with full awareness. This is a very important step in food meditation for beginners. Feel the taste of the food with full consciousness and chew it slowly for a long time. Do not pay attention to other thoughts you may have and become the taste and melt yourself in this taste. If you can practice this food meditation properly it will bring a huge change in your life.
  4. Practice this food meditation during all your meals and try to become the taste and the food. I know it could be a hard meditation for beginners. So keep on practising this meditation. Any meditation needs practice and this food meditation works also in the same way. Be patient and keep up with your practice. If you are encountering any problem or have any query you can always contact me.


    Watch my video below at my Youtube channel for more information on this meditation:

Food For Meditation


  1. Can I drink water with this food meditation?
    Ans. Certainly! You can have any type of food, drink or any liquid with this food meditation.
  2. What if I eat non vegetarian food, can I use this meditation for food?
    Ans. You can use it and very soon your consciousness will rise up and you will experience that you are no more interested in non-vegetarian food.
  3. What if I don’t find Satvik Food Near me?
    Ans. You can start with whatever type of food is available to you.
  4. Will this food meditation help me if I am not a meditation beginner?
    Ans. This food meditation for beginners is not only helpful to new meditations but also seasoned meditators as well.

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Food meditation is very important for Spirituality and to raise your consciousness in meditation. So if you can practice Food Meditation it will help you to see things around you with a wiser Vision.

Thank you for your time.

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